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Welcome to the hydrogen project visualisation platform!

ENTSOG’s EU-wide, open-source, comprehensive database for Hydrogen Projects

As part of the European Green Deal, with the European Climate Law, the EU has set itself a binding target of achieving climate neutrality by 2050. In this context, the Hydrogen Strategy provided the guidelines and actions on how to kick-start the Hydrogen Economy. The economic recovery plan, ‘Next Generation EU’, and creation of the ‘European Clean Hydrogen Alliance’ highlights hydrogen as an investment priority to boost economic growth, create local jobs and, with the emergence of a hydrogen value chain, serve a multitude of industrial sectors.

Therefore, there is an interest from stakeholders and policy makers to understand where the initial supply and demand centres – so called hydrogen valleys – will emerge and how they can be connected to transport hydrogen from areas with large production potential to demand centres located possibly in other Member States via an EU-wide logistical infrastructure.

The hydrogen project visualisation platform is based on open-source data and intends to provide a comprehensive overview of current hydrogen projects along the whole value chain – from production, via transmission and distribution to end-use. It shows where the first hydrogen valleys could emerge and how they can be connected via retrofitted and repurposed pipelines based on planned and ongoing hydrogen projects collected. The visualisation platform also indicates the growth of hydrogen capacities on production, transmission and distribution and end use sides.

On the transmission and distribution side, gas TSOs are already engaged in several innovative decarbonisation projects, including hydrogen projects. You can find the detailed information on each project on ENTSOG’s Innovative Projects Platform.


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Hydrogen projects

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Retrofitting/repurposing infrastructure projects

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Integrated projects

How to navigate the platform?

The Hydrogen project visualisation platform is an interactive map which includes renewable and low-carbon hydrogen projects in Europe. The platform allows zooming on a specific region or country, as well as filtering of hydrogen projects based on project a promoter’s name, country, type of project, a project’s maturity and start date via the filter options located on the left side of the map. All filters have dropdown menus to help with the selection. For the project’s promoter filter, it is required to type in the search field the specific name of the promoter.  By clicking the ‘play’ button on the left upper corner, an interactive timeline starts to automatically show the projects on the map by their start date.

It is also possible to view the map in a dedicated window by clicking on ‘view in separate window’ tab below the map.

On the map, each project is represented via a coloured circle and each colour represents a type of hydrogen project as indicated in the legend below the map. It is possible to zoom in or out to see the specific location of the project – please note that some locations are indicative as the project is still at an early stage in the process. Hovering over a specific circle will display basic project information in a small window, while clicking on the circle will filter that specific project information. Consequently, the table below the map will display the information on the project’s scope and goal, project promoter’s names, the project’s timeline and maturity level. By clicking on the project’s name in the table, a new window opens displaying the project’s website or other relevant website with the project’s information.

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Types of hydrogen projects

Retrofitting/repurposing existing infrastructure projects – retrofitting is an upgrade of existing infrastructure that allows the injection of certain amounts of hydrogen into a natural gas stream (blending) while repurposing is converting an existing natural gas pipeline into a dedicated hydrogen pipeline

Hydrogen at end-use projects – including projects where hydrogen is used in end-use applications (industry, buildings, mobility, and other)

Integrated hydrogen projects – including projects encompassing the whole value-chain (hydrogen production, transport and end-use)

Hydrogen production projects – including renewable and low-carbon hydrogen production

Hydrogen storage projects – including salt caverns, aquifers and depleted reservoirs

Newly built hydrogen infrastructure projects – including newly built infrastructure for transporting hydrogen

Project maturity
  • Study – refers to theoretical study project, where the deliverable is a document or a report
  • Project (R&D) – refers to project being tested onsite or at the lab.
  • Project (Pilot) – refers to demonstration project running onsite with expected decommissioning after the objectives have been achieved
  • Project – refers to project that will continue its operation as part of the development of a Hydrogen economy


The information provided was prepared by ENTSOG on the basis of information collected within the prime movers group Gas Quality and Hydrogen Handling and sources publicly available on a best effort basis and based on current status. These data and information are published for informative and indicative purposes only. Note also that the work is still in progress.   All content is provided “as is” without any warranty of any kind as to the completeness, accuracy, fitness for any particular purpose or any use of results based on this information and ENTSOG hereby expressly disclaims all warranties and representations, whether expressly or implied, including without limitation, warranties or representations of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

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